There is a path back to sovereignty.

Let's find it together.


Creating sacred space to honor, remember and embody our sovereign selves is the way home.

It turns out we can't think, understand or reason our way there. 


We need a community to model what has been missing for millennia—

a woman-centered spirituality.




We are offering  a one-of-a-kind program that walks you back to your truest self—in the company of women doing the same. Our Sovereign Sisterhood is ongoing support for breaking out of the patriarchal reality into which you were born.  


 Through ritual, conversation, sisterhood, song, movement and access to scholars, authors, priestesses and practitioners, we will unravel together.


We will let ourselves go in the most beautifully expansive ways that will never exclude anyone who wants to join us. This belief is so integral to our values that we are now offering our membership program through a pay-what's-aligned model.


Patriarchy does not exist in a vacuum, and it is linked to other systemic oppressions including capitalism (as well as white dominance, colonialism & heteronormativity). 


If we are to disentangle ourselves from one system, we must disentangle from them all. This new, inclusive model of business, which we're calling pay-what's-aligned, is our expression of the gift economy in which you are invited to exercise self-sovereignty as you reflect and select the right payment for you.


What should you consider? We suggest asking yourself what value this membership has for you? What changes could it bring to your life? What portion of your resources feels right to dedicate to this work of personal reclamation?


What you give should feel honoring to both you

and to the team behind this rich tapestry of resources.

🌿 Contributing


Be the seed that nurtures growth.

  • Weekly Wisdom Circles
  • Monthly Meet Her At the Altar Sacred Service
  • Quarterly In Her Own Words Author Series
  • Monthly Rest Ritual
  • Priority registration and discount for all courses & series

💖 Sustaining


Nurture the core of our sisterhood.

  • All “Contributing” benefits.
  • Support the continuity of our gatherings.
  • Sustain the heart of our community.

🏛 Building


Build a legacy of women’s wisdom.

  • All "Contributing" and "Sustaining" benefits
  • Expand our reach and fortify our future
  • Build new initiatives and enhance our sanctuary

Explore Our Community Offerings


 Below you'll find an overview of our regular community events. It's taken millennia for patriarchy to take root, and we cannot extricate it in one class or one series of classes. We need a counter-cultural community that deeply engages a new path of self-sovereignty for women.

Every circle is filled with women from diverse geographies, beliefs, generations and backgrounds. 

There is no dogma here or any one approved belief system. Our aim is not to have you believe the way we do, but to fully embrace your own authentic beliefs.

Our communities include people of all faiths and of none. 

Our circles have included the voices of Goddess worshippers, Christians, Pagans, Jews, Latter Day Saints, Secular Humanists, Atheists and more.

All women seeking self-sovereignty are welcome in our circles.

In Her Own Words:

Author Series

Third Fridays at 12 pm ET*

  Our author series is a monthly infusion of new ideas and inspiration from female authors writing about subjects aligned with our work. The author will join us in discussion, deepening our understanding of her message.

* Check the calendar for time/date changes

Meet Her at the Altar

Second Sundays at 12 pm ET   


This monthly gathering is the holy ground on which our community remembers, honors and embodies our own unique spiritual expressions.

Come prepared to encounter Her through practices, rituals, movement and art. There will be no sermon here. We will not learn about her but will learn to be with Her.


Photo: Bergan Hyde who led us in a witch wound healing following the overturn of Roe vs. Wade last year.

Seasonal Art Experience

 As we cycle through the year, we bring in art-based experiences to deepen the work we are doing together. It could involve music, sound, visual or tactile artistry.

It is always process, rather than project, driven.